Name of Project Duration Achievements of Project

Child Protection and Child Education Initiative

  • SRUJAN in collaboration with UNICEF initiated a project on “Child Protection and Promotion of Education Rights of Children in Cotton Growing Zari-Jamni Tribal Block of Yavatmal district”.
  • SRUJAN entered into a year long agreement to implement programmes designed by UNICEF through Zari based volunteers.
  • Capacity building of staff members has been taken up through trainings and workshops from time to time.
  • Village based Resource Persons have been identified who have completed Gram Panchayat Planning process in all the 56 Gram Panchayats involving 106 villages of Zari block.
  • Vital statistics like number of child labors, child out of school, children with special needs livelihood issues of parents and infrastructural needs of providing quality education to all eligible children.
  • In all 7 Child Protection Volunteers trainings have been completed involving more than 200 village based volunteers. SRUJAN is thankful to the staff members of UNICEF and associated consultant for providing their valuable expertise and resources for conducting this much needed program for Kolam primitive tribes that dominates Zari block.
  • SRUJAN also appreciates involvement of its staff members and volunteers who have tirelessly persuaded local people and the government machinery to ensure their participation and extracted the most out of them.


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