Name of Project Duration Achievements of Project

Establishment of Mahua Bank for Development of Kolam a Primitive tribe.

5 Years
  • For the last 3 years 12 groups involving 240 women havebeen trained to stored approximately 5000 Kgs of Mahua in their respective villages and earned an profit of more than 1 lack 75 thousand rupees.
  • Seven of these groups have been successful in getting MF-1 licence to procure/store and sell Mahua by the state excise department.
  • One nursery of Mahua saplings has come up realising the importance of regeneration.
  • Tribal Development Department has extended a grant of 30 thousand rupees to these groups for conducting Mahua activities.
  • Optimised storage of Mahua in Dholi a traditional way of Mahua storage in this region.

 Mahua bank

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