In this work you can extend your support to the tribals by giving them time, knowledge and skills that will lead to their independency.

You can increase the confidence of your trip by talking to the local people and knowing their thoughts about recreating their region.

You can also donate objects such as clothing, toys, utensils, etc. to the tribal groups. Moreover you can also present them household materials as well.

 Support us

You can also put a smile on their face by inviting your guests to visit the community members on special occasions.

If you can provide employment opportunities to the tribal community members then that would also be a major help to them.

By purchasing products made by tribal persons such as honey, gum, broom, bamboo articles, etc. which will encourage them to earn their livelihood by themselves.

 You can also support financially by donating money to SRUJAN organization which works for the noble cause and development of the tribal areas in central India. Donations to SRUJAN are exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act.

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